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Collaborative Connections Episode #5

Samantha Malcolm and Kristi Morrow

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In this episode of Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast, we discussed the importance of having people on your team and in your sphere that you know, like and trust and who are experts in their field. We also talked about real estate, financial planning, wealth management, entrepreneurship and more. Listen to the full episode on Spotify or HERE.

Here is more about our guests…

Samantha Malcolm with Sold by Samantha, Keller Williams Arizona Realty

Samantha Malcolm with Sold by Samantha, Keller Williams Arizona Realty.

Samantha is an active Scottsdale Ranch resident, a successful business owner, loving wife and mom. She has been selling residential real estate in Arizona for over 19 years with Keller Williams Realty and has helped thousands of people buy and sell in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. She is a licensed real estate broker and owns the Sold By Samantha Keller Williams Arizona Realty office in Scottsdale Mercado.

Sold by Samantha Keller Williams Arizona Realty is a residential real estate brokerage in Scottsdale, Arizona. Keller Williams is the largest privately-held real estate company in the country!  They are always on the leading edge of technology and continue to expand worldwide.

Samantha Malcolm gave great advice for people who are thinking about buying or selling residential real estate in Arizona.

Kristi Morrow with InReach Wealth Advisors

Kristi Morrow with InReach Wealth Advisors.

Kristi is a financial advisor with InReach Wealth Advisors. She has been with Ameriprise since 2008. She is a Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor, Certified Long-Term Care specialist and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Her specialties include providing comprehensive financial planning to help clients achieve their financial goals such as college savings, retirement, small business planning, and collaborative divorce. She has called the valley of the sun home for over 25 years, is an AZ Sundevil and has two teenage daughters

InReach Wealth Advisors believes that anyone can create wealth. Those who have created wealth can preserve it, have peace of mind, and leave a long-lasting legacy for their family and heirs. They believe that with the right team and a personalized plan, you can do all of that and still live a full life today. The InReach team builds long-lasting relationships based on trust and an understanding of each individual’s goals and values. They listen to where you want to go, provide advice to get you there and work with you along the way to keep you on track.

Kristi Morrow shared some great tips about saving for retirement, wealth management, and that it’s never to early or late to talk to a financial advisor.

Karen Nowicki with Phoenix Business RadioX

Karen Nowicki with Phoenix Business RadioX.

For over 20 years, Karen Nowicki has been helping organizations and the people who lead them to drive their business strategies more effectively and as a result, her clients move from success to significance.

As a studio partner for Business RadioX ®, host for the metro Phoenix network shows, and owner of Phoenix Business RadioX. Karen has the pleasure of working with the most innovative, passionate and driven people who make a difference in their community and are willing to help others do the same.

Phoenix Business Radio X helps local businesses, associations, and non-profits get the word out about the important work they’re doing to serve their community.

Tune in on the third Thursday of every month at 1:00 PM to hear amazing stories from phenomenal people that are impacting our community. Listen Live Here

Collaborative Connection Radio Show. Kelly Lorenzen with KLM Consulting, Marketing, and Management. Samantha Malcolm with Sold by Samantha, Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Kristi Morrow with InReach Wealth Advisors. Karen Nowicki with Phoenix Business RadioX.

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