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Collaborative Connection Radio Show Episode #3

Collaborative Connections, Episode 3.

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Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast is hosted by Kelly Lorenzen and sponsored by KLM Consulting. The show is broadcasted live from the Phoenix Business RadioX Studio in Arizona. Collaborative Connections is a radio series created to bring entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and associations together to build relationships, foster collaboration, and grow a stronger community together. Our hope for today is that listeners and guests alike will walk away with a golden nugget or a new resource for their business.

For this show, Kelly had the honor of being in the studio with three amazing people…

Jeremy Neis presently spends the majority of his time with the organization, Retirement Evolutions. Jeremy also always make sure to leave a lane open for freelance activity because of his insatiable curiosity and attraction to cool projects. Jeremy constitutes his journey in totality as being a business operator and/or in service to other business operators. He also is involved with the Conscious Capitalism movement chapter in Arizona.

Retirement Evolutions is a boutique wealth management firm focusing on longterm wealth strategies, often that’s retirement centric. Basically…partly guide, partly educated, partly counselor.

What makes them different? There are two major categories of retirement shops or wealth planning in general, this is the big brands that you see, mostly the strip malls and the names that everybody knows. Then, there are the independents, which Retirement Evolutions is. As an independent, they’re called what’s fiduciary, which means “obligated to serve our clients and only our clients.” Another one of the key differentiators is they are smaller and able to focus on our individual clients, and not necessarily on any products that are special. It gives us a lot of flexibility and specialization.

The nugget Jeremy would give is…there’s never going to be a convenient time to start the discipline and the behavior, to start thinking for the future.

Shatha Barbour is the founder and CEO of Hera Hub Phoenix, a female-focused coworking space for women, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals.

Hera Hub Phoenix is not exclusive to women but was designed as a space that specifically resonates with women. Shatha’s mission was to create a landing space and a launching pad for a lot of women that are starting businesses, growing their businesses, and for the people that are just in transition. Hera Hub Phoenix has have been open about a year and a half now, previously, taking two years to open. But it’s been an amazing journey for the past year and a half on what Shatha created for the city of Phoenix. With a very diverse community, it has become a very global community. This is everything that Shatha envisioned and wanted it to be, very diverse in the industry, globally, perspectively, membership, and people that come through.

The current trend that has just exploded on a national level and international level of women speaking up and speaking out. These women saying “we want our own space too, we want our own collaboration, or we want the resources and everything at our fingertips.” Instead of women feeling like they have to fight for it all the time, not being seen, and not being heard. But still there, still fighting for funding, and still fighting for a lot of things that just don’t come as easily to women in business than our male counterparts.

Karen Nowicki is the CEO of Phoenix Business RadioX, where they get to tell these great stories of CEOs, CFOs, small business owners, associations and even movements doing amazing things in the community. Karen says, “We become the media partner for businesses like Kelly’s and other organizations that see the value in storytelling and accelerated relationship building. And so they pay us to produce their podcast, and their radio show, and it increases their visibility, and it helps them accelerate the relationships, and thank the people they’re already doing business with. It also is a great way to say, hey, I’d like to get to know you, because you’re picking up the phone and you’re saying, hey, come be on this show with me. And the answer is never no. But if you call and say, hey, I’ve got this to sell or, can we meet for coffee because I want to tell you about X, Y, Z, they’re hanging up because they had six such phone calls prior to yours.”

Conscious Capitalism has been a sponsor of Phoenix Business Radio X and Jeremy and Karen have been involved with the movement for some time. Karen explained that “Conscious Capitalism is an international movement around doing good business, taking care of people, having a higher purpose, treating people with respect, dignity, and making a boatload of money. Once embedded into the culture and the conversations, it’s very evident that we want to have conscious businesses. It’s more than okay to make money, not only for your family but for the community that you live in, your employees, your stakeholders, your customers, everything.”

She says, “it’s really about making capitalism work for everyone for the longterm, as opposed to the current narrative where trust in business as an institution, in general, amongst the public is really low. A lot of that is the news wire that likes to lead with the stories of mass layoffs, and customer rip-offs, and things of that nature. That’s penetrated the psyche and the losing sight of the fact that all need commerce. That’s where we go get the things we need to provide for our families, to keep ourselves healthy, where we go earn a living and exchange our capabilities for the value that it can deliver. What we need to do is evolve and continue to move forward. Capitalism in and of itself has just been an amazingly powerful force.”

Jeremy chimed in, “If you want to get involved with Conscious Capitalism, the easiest place to plug in is That’ll pipe you into the high level, what is it, in our events schedule, which is really the best thing. Again to use the bike analogy, you can read about it or you can get in here and meet the people that are huddling around this concept because it’s really the best part for me, is just the people you encounter. It’s this natural magnets or sifter, if you will, that we all view the world the same way. And it’s not bad for me to want to grow a business and have some material desires, but at the same time take care of people. Those things can coexist. They’re not at odds with one another. So the people that are attracted that concept are just, the most common thing we hear is I found my track.”

Collaborative Connections, Episode 3 with Shatha Barbour, Karen Nowicki and Jeremy Neis

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