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Strangers meet, share an hour of meaningful conversation, form new connections, and the rest is history. This is what happens on every episode of Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast. AND the guests always share some insightful tips and resources for our listeners.

This episode was no exception! Host, Kelly Lorenzen, was joined on-air by Jessica Barfield, Certified Google Developer and Paid Ad Specialist, Jon Humig, Mortgage Sales Manager, and Malcolm Avner, Leadership and Executive Coach.

Guess what?!?! All 3 of these business leaders had so much in common and tons to share about Conscious Capitalism, relationships, culture, SEO, Google, Paid Ads, Real Estate, teamwork, and business ownership.

If you want to know more about any of those subjects, check out this amazing episode sponsored by KLM. Listen below on Spotify.

Our Featured Guests


Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC, is a full service mortgage banker specializing in residential and refinance loans. Prosperity Home Mortgage offers a wide range of mortgage products, including fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, jumbo loans, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, and renovation financing.


Jon Humig (NMLSR# 542388) is Southwestern born and bred. His professional service is founded on delivering the best possible customer experience for his clients and partners.

Jon does this by setting realistic and accurate expectations with his clients.

He strives to guide them respectfully to the product that best suits their needs by really listening to their objectives and clearly communicating all the available options.

His hundreds of five-star reviews prove he is a tried and true lending professional-let Jon help take the stress out of your next big move!

Connect with Jon on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram.


Jess Barfield Consulting helps businesses and communities find their online audience. As Google Developers, they use their expert knowledge of SEO and Google products to help businesses find their audience and grow their online presence. 


Jess Barfield is a small business owner who began diving into SEO and Google due to her own frustrations turning online customers into coffee drinkers at a cafe she owned with her sister.

After diving into online resources, Jess took the plunge and put her BA in Marketing to work becoming a Google Developer on a mission to help other business owners find their online voice, affordably.

Jess started solo but now has a team of three working on website development, SEO and strategic online marketing for businesses across the United States.


Malcolm Avner’s clients are business owners and organization leaders who are driven to improve leadership performance and regain passion for work. Clients are empowered to achieve goals by addressing self-defeating patterns of behavior and thought.

Working 1-to-1 with Malcolm or in small group of company leaders, clients are able to more efficiently resolve business issues, increase leadership effectiveness, improve communication skills, and shift the culture of an organization.

On the personal side, clients acquire knowledge, tools and support that enhance their sense of well-being, personal relationships, and life experience.

Leaders who become Malcolm’s clients…

  • believe as he does, that business has unlimited potential to elevate humanity and benefit the planet
  • behave as he does, treating employees and other stakeholders with genuine caring and a win-win approach
  • think as he does, committed to continuous improvement and greater wisdom
  • feel as he did, disappointed and frustrated that the business isn’t more successful and work more fulfilling

Early in his careers – both as a professional athlete and a business builder – Malcolm’s focus was guided by conventional wisdom on how to achieve success: do it alone; follow the rules; and outwork the competition. He followed that guidance and, by most measures, found success in numerous endeavors. But something was missing: a sense of meaningful impact. He eventually realized that while hard work and following the rules can generate success, the success is hollow because the guidance is incomplete.

After experiencing some painful but necessary business lessons, and doing some serious soul searching, he discovered new guidance that led to impactful, meaningful work as a coach:

  • Endeavors that are aligned with a higher purpose (more than just making money or impressing people) are the most rewarding – financially, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Updating longstanding beliefs and behavior patterns – even the ones that seem most sacred – opens the door to better results
  • Having fun at work isn’t a diversion of energy – it’s a source of energy…and creativity… and motivation!

Connect with Malcolm on LinkedIn.

About Collaborative Connections

Kelly Lorenzen started the “Collaborative Connections” show to bring her clients and favorite charities together to meet each other, connect and collaborate in life and business.  She hopes to build a stronger community one show at a time. 

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