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Community, company culture, covid stories, entrepreneurship, personal development, social impact, and more were talked about in this Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast episode.

Kalani Fo, Business Development Manager at Bitwise Industries, Jeff Toppel, Partner at Farhang & Medcoff, and Cameron Harman, Co-owner of Workhorse Digital Solutions were on-air with host, Kelly Lorenzen.

If you want to hear great anecdotes, positive stories, tips, and advice from an attorney, entrepreneurs, or a scaling business that cares about its social impact, then check out this outstanding episode.

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Workhorse Digital Solutions is a digital marketing firm based out of Mesa, Arizona that specializes in lead generation through Google Ads and only Google Ads. Working specifically with service based industries and working on the local level, they form working partnerships with their clients and help them not only with lead generation, but setting up systems, providing trainings, and helping their clients optimize their sales processes.

Workhorse Digital Solutions started in 2021 and just celebrated their second year in business and look forward to many many more.


Cameron Harman was born and raised here in Arizona and started his entrepreneurial journey in 2020 after spending the last 10 years as a software developer.

After working at larger companies like Boeing and Republic Services, he made the switch to developing software and working on servers for smaller local companies before finally starting a Digital Marketing agency with his business partner.

Cameron spends his free time running trails, reading, trying different kinds of food, coaching volleyball, and hanging out with his wife and four daughters.


Bitwise Industries is dedicated to building tech economies in underestimated cities across America, providing meaningful tech opportunities, and transforming lives through modernized technology.

Our team of experts can create custom applications and websites tailored to your business and maximize daily workflows, resulting in increased ROI and improved client engagement.


Kalani Fo is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have helped multiple organizations achieve rapid and continuous growth. Kalani is distinguished by his passion for business, focus on collaborative team-building, and commitment to meeting customer and market demands.

Outside work, Kalani is an environmentalist, surfer, snowboarder, and trail runner. As much as he loves his Mother Earth, the most important women in his life are his wife and daughter.

Follow Bitwise Industries on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Farhang & Medcoff is an Arizona law firm with offices in Tucson and Scottsdale. F&M is a minority-owned law firm that is focused on finding cost efficient and creative solutions for its clients in a number of practice areas.

F&M delivers impactful results to its clients across a range of practice areas, including probate litigation, corporate law, real estate transactions, labor and employment law, and mergers and acquisitions.


Jeffrey Toppel represents employers and high-level executives in a wide range of employment-related disputes, including wrongful termination and discrimination claims before various state and federal governmental agencies, as well as the entire spectrum of NLRB, general labor relations and employee relations matters.

His preference is providing proactive advice to prevent his clients from finding themselves in litigation.

Jeffrey has served as a member of the Arizona Society of Human Resources Professional’s State Council as its Director of Government Affairs and has testified before the Arizona Senate’s Rules Committee on a proposed labor reform statute.

Follow Farhang & Medcoff on LinkedIn.

About Collaborative Connections

Kelly Lorenzen started the “Collaborative Connections” show to bring her clients and favorite charities together to meet each other, connect and collaborate in life and business.

She hopes to build a stronger community one show at a time.

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