Do you need to duplicate yourself?

Entrepreneurs & small business owners come to us for consulting, marketing, project management or all three. If you need another you, KLM is here for you.

Building a successful business doesn’t have to consume all of your time. When you hire KLM, you’ll discover that things get done the way you would do them, and you get back what money can’t buy…TIME.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners try to do it all. Then they get too busy and overwhelmed. So, why not focus on the things you love to do and let us assist you with the rest. Let our strengths fill in the missing gaps so you can sleep easy and have the time you need to grow your business.

When you need an extra hand in your business — KLM can help. Think of us when you need to duplicate yourself.

KLM offers of the following services…

Below are a few examples of our pricing…


Brain Dump Strategy Session

Know you need help with your business but not sure what exactly? Start with a brain-dump session for clarity, consulting and training. Walk away with a plan of action.


Business Consulting Package

Includes customized consulting sessions that can be used for formulating strategies, creating a plan of action, accountability, training, and more. It also includes access to “Kelly’s brain” via email in between sessions.


Don’t know where to start?

“Kelly is amazing to work with! She literally takes things off your plate when you dont have the time to get them done. Time is precious and being able to focus on what you NEED to focus on is essential–Kelly steps in and handles projects to be able to get your focus on what is your priority. I’d highly recommend having her as an essential person to work with and she executes and delivers in a timely manner. She’s awesome!”