KLM is a one-stop support shop for small businesses. Clients come to KLM for support in all areas of business. Are you stuck? KLM can help! We offer all of the following services and more…


If you are not satisfied with your company identity/brand,­­ or need to establish one, KLM can help. We also can help you consistently and effectively market your business if you don’t have time, resources or the know-how. KLM offers creative ideas and comprehensive strategies that work.

Project Management

Are you rushing in so many directions that projects are hard to navigate or are not getting done at all? Is your team too busy to add on one more project? Instead of hiring another employee, why not outsource your projects, so they get done and your team doesn’t get overwhelmed?

KLM can take the business development projects off your plate making sure timelines are met, details aren’t missed and everything gets done with smooth efficiency. Hand off those projects to our team today and consider them done!

Here are some of the

Marketing and Project Management services we offer

Project Management

We have one-off brain dumps, mastermind, project packages, short and and long-term options to fit any small business or entrepreneur’s needs. All packages are customized to exactly what you need and want for your business. Want to know more?

“I have known Kelly for some time but had not taken the leap to use her services and her knowledge to help grow my new business. I also didn’t think I had all of my ducks in a row enough to meet with her.

The reality is that I didn’t need my ducks in a row! She was the best resource to help figure out what ducks I even needed! Ha. I was able to go into the “Brain Dump” meeting with thoughts and ideas and walk out with tangible plans and steps, which I would not have been able to do on my own.”

- Kindra M.

“We own a small business and we were looking for someone who could take the guesswork out of marketing. We found a true partner with Kelly and the KLM team. Kelly really listened to our goals and helped us develop a strategy to grow our client base. With her expertise, we found a new website provider, started an email newsletter and focused on our social media content.

We’ve already seen results in just a few months. KLM’s rates are reasonable and the monthly services are customized based on our needs. We highly recommend Kelly and KLM.”

- Toni S.

“Kelly and her team at KLM Consulting are amazing. Kelly’s experience and strategic thinking is invaluable for a small business owner. I love how she breaks things down into manageable pieces. She is great at getting into your head and knowing what you mean and what you need. She also knows everyone and is happy to make introductions and connections for you. She is super realistic, offers tons of value and is always responsive. If you find yourself overwhelmed or not sure what direction to take as a small business owner KLM Consulting is a life saver!”

- Jennifer B.

“Major thanks to Kelly and KLM Consulting for the wonderful logo, website and business cards Kelly and her team recently developed for my new company! Kelly’s combination of small business experience, marketing and project management expertise, creativity and enthusiasm combined to produce tremendous results for me and I look forward to working with Kelly and her team as I grow my business! If you are owner of a small business and are looking for marketing and project support, look no further than KLM”

- Bob B.