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5 Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

5 Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

The number one question we get asked is how do you market a business? There are multiple paths you can take when marketing your small business. Ultimately your success is directly connected to how well you market! Your business won’t grow if nobody knows about it. 

Looking to do your own marketing? It’s completely possible! Here are a few pointers to get you rolling!

Follow and connect with leaders on LinkedIn

Connections matter. More importantly, GOOD connections matter. Stay loyal to your why and fearless with your reach. In the end, the interactions and connections you make will create business and opportunities. But, the key is to be consistent.

Read marketing blogs like HubSpot, Yoast, and KLM 

There are a ton of marketing experts out there. Reading marketing blogs is like someone reiterating information for you that has been researched, understood, and evaluated saves you not only time but energy!  Use verified, trusted sources to build your knowledge and increase your sales and visibility power.

Keep a blog updated on your website

Writing blog posts keeps your website updated. Updates are detected on google which allows for increased visibility detected by algorithms and therefore more traffic will go your website. A blog also makes you relatable to your audience and showcases your expertise. Blog posts can also be turned into great content, which can be used online and in newsletters.

Get involved 

Volunteer for a non-profit, or join an association or local organization that aligns with your values. Why? Because your involvement in your community matters. It will allow you to be around others who share similarities and help you build a wider audience. By meeting new people you open doors that never existed.


Take the leap socially and go be in the action. Putting yourself out there will make it easier to develop your business. Knowing and collaborating with those in your world will only make you that much better, stronger, and great at what you do! Visibility matters!

All of these tips can help you market your business. Feel free to reach out to our team at KLM to schedule any kind of support you may need to become your best. You’ve got this!

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