Brain Dump

The Brain Dump is KLM’s Private Consulting Session. We discuss the state of your business, marketing challenges, projects, and the hurdles you face in growing. The goal is to help you find clarity and equip you with an action plan.

KLM’s Brain Dump Session is your personalized journey to business clarity and success. If you feel lost in the maze of marketing or overwhelmed by operations or growth options, KLM can help you navigate it all. Our team is here to provide guidance and implement your plans.

No two businesses are alike, and neither are our sessions. We’ll address your unique challenges head-on, providing actionable strategies to enhance your marketing, streamline operations, and boost your bottom line.

At just $225, you can access invaluable insights and expertise that could transform your business trajectory. It’s a small price to pay for big results. Our team has decades of experience as entrepreneurs and understands the unique challenges businesses face on the path to success.

Kelly and Rochelle specialize in empowering business owners to increase revenue through marketing and financial analysis and master the art of efficient workflow management. We can provide guidance or implement your strategies utilizing our project management expertise.

It’s time to reclaim your role as the visionary leader of your business. Let us help you transition from the day-to-day grind to strategic decision-making. We want to help you scale your business with confidence.

“As a fellow entrepreneur deep in the messy middle stages of scaling my agency, I desperately needed a savvy sounding board to cut through overwhelm. After just a 75-minute Brain Dump Session with Kelly, I walked away with absolute clarity on critical next moves along with an actionable roadmap for the quarter.

Kelly’s superpower is helping you sort the signal from the noise, so your vision doesn’t get eclipsed by day-to-day demands. Her incisive questions and thoughtful guidance were exactly what I needed to regain momentum amidst expansion chaos.

I can’t wait to incorporate her invaluable services regularly into my planning rhythm going forward!”

Tamara S.

Owner of a marketing agency

Kelly Lorenzen is CEO of KLM Consulting, Marketing, and Management. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Kelly’s decades of experience as a small business owner has helped her help others. The life cycle of business from start-up to exit strategy is difficult to navigate alone, which is why Kelly started KLM. Acting as the business owner’s duplicate, the KLM team can implement and execute marketing strategies, manage projects, and see them through to completion.

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Rochelle Poulton is a Business Strategist at KLM. She became a business consultant after spending ten years as a consumer rights attorney.

Rochelle has owned multiple small businesses including law firms, outdoor markets, restaurants, and even a software company. At KLM, she helps clients with the technical aspects of growing a sustainable business. From financial analysis to CRM implementation, and hiring to marketing strategy Rochelle can help with it all.

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