Level up your business potential.

Collaborative Collections Mastermind is designed to elevate your small business to new heights. This mastermind group is led by seasoned experts and is a place where collaborative insights and strategic guidance converge to empower small business owners to unlock their full business potential.

Collaborative Connections Mastermind Info 3.25.24

About the Mastermind

KLM created the Collaborative Connections Mastermind because we are seasoned entrepreneurs and know that small business owners thrive when they work on the business. It’s too easy to work in the business so much that there is no time to take a step back and improve the business. In Collaborative Collections Mastermind we will cover a variety of topics, from marketing and operations, to goal setting.

About the Facilitators

Rochelle Poulton, JD

At KLM Rochelle assists clients with marketing, strategic planning, and project management. She is also an attorney, realtor, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, consultant, and these are just the highlights.

Kelly Lorenzen, PMP

Kelly is the founder of KLM and host of the Collaborative Connections Podcast. She has owned small businesses for over 20 years and is a certified Project Management Professional.

The Benefits

Bi-Monthly Strategy Sessions

Regular strategy meetings will help you create a consistent focus on your business goals. These meetings also allow for quicker adjustment to changing market conditions, emerging trends, or unforeseen challenges which enhances your business’s adaptability.

Personalized Consulting

Participants will receive tailored guidance and support to address your needs and goals as a business owner. Individualized attention, customized strategies, targeted skill development, accountability, confidence building, and tailored feedback are just a few of the perks.

Collaborative Problem Solving

The Collaborative Connections Mastermind brings together business owners with varied backgrounds, experiences, and expertise to create a diverse range of perspectives. Diversity leads to more creative and comprehensive problem-solving solutions.

Goal Setting & Accountability

By regularly reviewing and refining your business goals, you create space for continuous improvement. #kaizenforlife We want to help your business stay agile and responsive to evolving industry dynamics while also achieving short-term success.

The Meeting Agenda


The facilitator will officially kick off the meeting.

Introductions + Successes & Challenges

Participants will introduce themselves and briefly share a success to celebrate, and a challenge they are currently experiencing.

Hot Topic

The facilitator will provide a quick coaching session on hot topics business owners face. Online Marketing, Lead Generation, Hiring, Conflict Resolution, Necessary Endings, Personal Development, Professional Development, HR Issues, Profit and Loss Statements, and more.

Hot Seat

Each week one business owner will be in the “hot seat” to present a specific business challenge they are facing, a strategic decision they need to make, an opportunity they want to capitalize on, or a specific business goal they want to achieve. The purpose is to give the group a comprehensive understanding of the situation. 

Goal Setting

The group will then provide feedback. The diversity of viewpoints will help the business owner gain valuable takeaways and action items.

Accountability Check-In

The group will provide updates to the group about progress on their business goals, including the hurdles and the successes.

Open Sharing

Open Sharing is a time is for a participant to share a pressing challenge they are facing and request support from the group.

Resource Sharing

Small business owners have an entire network of resources and this is the time to share helpful connections with the group.

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The Application Process

Who should apply?

Small business owners and family-owned business owners are welcome to apply. The ideal participant has at least 3 years of ownership experience, employee(s), and is a service-based business.

How do I apply?

Click the “Apply Now” button and you will be taken to our application. The application has 20 questions and should take 10 – 15 minutes to complete. Then read and agree to the rules, to submit your application.

How much is the mastermind?

The Collaborative Connections Mastermind costs $295 per month.

When is payment due?

You will receive an email informing you of your approval status, and you will also receive an invoice. The first payment of $295 is due before your first meeting, and then payments are due by the 1st of each month.

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