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content marketing during coronavirus

It is really important to continue posting and sharing content online for your clients, friends, and potential customers (even amidst a pandemic). Your business and the valuable information you share will certainly still be helpful for people. A lot of our clients are pivoting their business and/or messaging right now. So, we thought this information below would be helpful. The article is from one of our trusted referral partners.

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7 Steps to Refine your Content Marketing in the Face of a Public Health Crisis

By Katrina Oko-Odoi, PhD, ContentWorm Founder & Chief Content Strategist

Don’t shy away from content marketing during a public health crisis. Chances are the heart of your content is still valuable, but it may need to be presented in slightly different terms or with a more sensitive approach. Your expertise hasn’t changed, but how it can be of benefit to your audience might. Follow these steps to attune your content to today’s climate.

  1. REACH OUT – Contact current clients and stakeholders. Express your concern and the actions you’re taking to keep the public and/or employees safe (if people don’t hear from you, it could leave a negative impression).
  2. ADJUST SCHEDULED CONTENT – Review all drafted content that’s already scheduled to publish (social media, blog articles, newsletters, PR coverage). As needed, adjust the wording to be more sensitive and in tune with the climate. If the content is absolutely not usable right now, table it for later.
  3. DEVELOP NEW CONTENT – What unique insights can you offer that are immediately relevant to your audience? Focus on your expertise and how you can address the current reality of social isolation and quarantine. Opt for free, actionable resources that people are likely to engage with and share—this will help boost your visibility to a captive audience.
  4. REVIEW CURRENT CAMPAIGNS – Reassess current ad, product launch, or event campaigns and determine whether to adjust strategy and continue the campaign, delay or cancel altogether.
  5. RESTRATEGIZE – Don’t halt current marketing efforts! Instead, rethink your strategy to be sensitive and helpful to current and prospective customers. Stay in communication and offer regular content for people to engage with: you have a captive audience looking for inspirational, practical resources. Position your brand as a go-to source for insights in your market. Start a new campaign to advertise any offerings of immediate need during this crisis.
  6. BE RESPONSIVE – Remain responsive and helpful to current clients. Even if you’re closed down temporarily or have limited staff, be transparent and offer any alternative solutions available. Customers will appreciate your communicativeness.
  7. STAY AGILE WITH YOUR CONTENT – Continue to monitor the situation and adjust efforts and messaging as needed. Send updates to clients and stakeholders as often as appropriate.

Above all, trust your instincts and stay true to your brand. Don’t try to be something or someone you’re not—focus on sharing the best of your organization during this time and the rest will flow from there. If you’re looking for more content support, please get in touch. | (619) 554-8595 | LinkedIn & Facebook

Katrina Oko-Odoi of ContentWorm

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