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Outside Perspective

Is it time for an outside perspective for your business?

As a small business owner, I understand the challenge of looking at my own business from an outside lens. When we are in the day-to-day grind, it seems hard to have a renewed sense of what to offer next, how to improve marketing, or how to create better systems. Even when I have had a plan, I may still struggle with putting it into motion.

Over the years I’ve sought an outside perspective from website designers and developers, accountability coaches, and marketing consultants, to name a few. The result? My business has grown, and I have improved myself as a professional.

If what you’re doing now isn’t working or you’re struggling for what to do next, especially during the pandemic when in-person events are scarce, consider asking for an outside perspective for your business. Whether you’ve been an entrepreneur for a few years or a few decades, a new set of eyes on your business may be just the boost needed to get on track with your goals. I’ve found it gives me a renewed sense of purpose and clear, actionable steps to meet my goals.

You’re overwhelmed.

The new year brings new perspective and new opportunity but what happens when there are too many choices and you’re not sure which direction to move? You become overwhelmed because you’re in the trenches. The best decision you can make is to take a step back.

Like me and many other entrepreneurs, you may be managing people, projects, accounting, business development, and marketing, to name a few. The to-do list seems never-ending and at the same time maybe you feel stuck and your business is not progressing. If this sounds like you, it may be time for an outside perspective for your business.

It’s time to hit the reset button.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with great coaches and consultants to figure out exactly how to change myself and/or my business for the better. After my sessions with them, it felt as if I had hit the reset button on my business. Kind of like when you go out of town on vacation and then come back refreshed after some time off.

Find people in your circle or extended network that are experts in their field. Who do you know that can help you with your sales and marketing, mindset, processes, strategic plans, projects, and/or overall business development needs? Have one-on-ones with a few until you find the right fit for what you need at that moment.

It’s okay to ask for help.

We’ve all struggled in some way with how to run our business. Whether it’s finding new clients, developing an updated marketing strategy or something else, it’s okay to ask for an outside perspective. A coach or consultant is likely going to see an element that you haven’t seen, and you can take the leap from that point to move ahead!

Don’t stress if you’re not sure where to start. KLM Consulting is here for you. Let us be your resource for all of your outside perspective needs.

If you want to pick my brain about what you need, schedule a free consult with me today…

~Kelly Lorenzen, PMP, CEO KLM Consulting, Marketing and Management

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