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Collaborative Connections E17

On Collaborative Connections E17 Kelly Lorenzen was on-air with featured guests Sukki Jahnke, Dillon Winiecki, and Rochelle Poulton. They talked about everything from the current real estate market in Arizona, to business advocacy, networking, marketing, and more.

If you are thinking about buying real estate, a current business owner, and live or work in Arizona, check out this episode. It is filled with great business advice, real estate tips, and ah-ha moments about life and work. Additionally, if you need a Realtor, Inspector, or community to build your business, these guests are great referrals for you.

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Our Featured Guests…

Sukki Jahnke, CMP with Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Sukki Jahnke CMP with Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Sukki is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience and has been working in digital marketing since her very first full-time job. As VP of Marketing & Programs at the Tempe Chamber, Sukki helps oversee communications, manage events and facilitate five programs. Programs include, Women in Business, Business Owners Forum, Military Affairs Committee, Sustainability Committee, and she assists with the Tempe Leadership Council. Sukki has earned her certification (CMP) Certified Meeting Profession and was named the MPI Arizona Sunbelt Chapter “Planner of the Year”.

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce represents nearly 650 businesses with more than 70,000 employees. For more than a century, the Tempe Chamber has been dedicated to sustaining Tempe’s quality of life and keeping our community and economy vibrant. Their strength is derived from their members. Those who invest in the community through membership in the Tempe Chamber support initiatives in education and workforce development, public policy, and business development. Together we provide a unified voice for business and support a stronger economy and an improved quality of life.

Arizona Business, Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Dillon Winiecki, with Protect Property Inspections

Dillon Winiecki with Protect Property Inspections

Dillon is the owner and lead inspector at Protect Property Inspections here in the Phoenix metro area. He is also a professional firefighter. Dillon has been around residential and commercial construction his whole life. He was born and raised in Flagstaff and has lived in the Valley area for around 6 years. Something that sets his inspection business apart from the rest is that they take the time to fully educate the client as to the condition of the home. They point out good, bad, and educate on everything in between. Dillon and his team just seem to really cultivate an atmosphere of trust in every area of their company.

Protect Property Inspections (PPI) is a professional home inspection company that inspects all over Arizona, including Flagstaff. They are a one-stop-shop for all home inspection-related services. Beyond residential home inspections, they offer termite inspections, pool and spa inspections, sprinkler system inspections, sewer camera inspections, mold testing, and more. They have 6 inspectors who inspect for a minimum of 3 hours per home. Once finished inspecting, they provide an educational walk-through of the home to the client, provide a detailed and comprehensive report including photos, and recommendations. They are open 7 days a week and inspect on weekends and holidays. PPI’s inspectors are also all Certified through the international association of certified home inspectors. This certificate does not come easy and requires religious continuing education.

Protect Property Inspections (PPI), inspecting all over arizona

Rochelle Poulton, with Realty Executives, AZ Own It Team

Rochelle Poulton with Realty Executives, AZ Own It Team

Rochelle Poulton is a licensed Realtor, Attorney, Author, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She is a full-time real estate professional at Realty Executives, owner of the AZ Own It team, and is part-time as counsel at Poulton & Noroian focusing on business consulting and real estate law. Rochelle was formerly owner of AZ Credit Law Group, PLLC, among other law firms and businesses through 2020 before deciding to scale back on focus on her passion for real estate.

AZ Own It is your team of real estate experts, owned by Mike and Rochelle Poulton, Realtors at Realty Executives – Uptown. They help people buy, sell, and invest in Arizona Real Estate. The AZ Own It team has nearly two decades of experience in property management, investing in residential and commercial real estate, construction, lending, and real estate law.

AZ Own It, Residential Real Estate - Business in Arizona

Contact Information

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting. Host, Collaborative Connections E17 LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Dillon Winiecki, Owner/Home Inspector of Protect Property Inspections., protectpropertyinspections.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Rochelle Poulton, Owner/Realtor at Realty Executives. LinkedIn

Sukki Jahnke CMP; VP of Marketing & Programs with Tempe Chamber of Commerce., tempechamber.orgLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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