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How to Delegate in Order to Scale

how to delegate as small business owner

Delegating is crucial for any business owner. The only way to grow and scale is through being able to give work for others to execute. Whether it be externally or internally, handing off tasks and projects will give you more time to work on your business, instead of in it.

How can delegating be done easily, effectively, and without needing to micromanage? Here are some ways to better delegate while keeping the mission, message, and fundamental purpose of your business in mind.

What are your Values and Goals?

By clearly articulating your mission and values to your team, it becomes evident what the path to executing your vision looks like. Knowing the “why” behind the tasks and projects are important. When you and the team know and focus on the “why”, the overall mission stays clear and everyone can use their own judgment to reach that goal.

Delegation of tasks should come with the reminder of the core goals emphasizing how each task contributes to the larger goals and serves purpose for them. The more the people you’re working with know your vision, the more they can help find solutions and work toward the same end goal. 

How can I communicate clearly though?

Providing guidelines and tools understood by those you work with is key to being heard. Being firm in your needs and wants make deadlines real and guidelines clear. Make sure goals and objectives are realistic yet ambitious. Having expectations creates rigor. Delegating tasks and responsibility empowers those you work with to feel trusted. Naturally, the trust becomes reciprocated and therefore the cycle creates empowerment and drive.

If you as a leader feel you need to “do it all” it is most likely because you have not defined the ultimate why’s well enough. Clarity allows for partners and co workers to support you in the way you need most. 

How can delegation become optimized? 

After clearly communicating your expectations when delegating tasks, check in with the team.  Provide details about the desired outcomes, deadlines, and any specific guidelines. Encourage open communication and ensure that your team feels comfortable seeking clarification when needed. How to delegate with intention while your company can scale is your question to constantly come back to.

After the responsibilities are well divided, documentation of processes and procedures can be maintained. This ensures consistency and makes it easier for new team members to understand their roles. Documentation also serves as a reference point, reducing the need for constant explanations.

By combining these strategies, you can create a culture of clarity, accountability, and empowerment within your business, enabling more effective delegation and overall success! Kelly always says, “Do what you love and outsource everything else.” Now you see why she says that. 😀

If you are ready to delegate but not sure who to hire to do that, reach out to us. We would be happy to help you determine if you need someone internally or externally and help you hire them.

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