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Collaborative Connections E45

On this episode of Collaborative Connections E45 guest host, Rochelle Poulton, showcased the business acumen of two amazing entrepreneurs. Irene Ploski (Independence Insurance Group) and Paul Hershenberg (Hershenberg Financial & Employee Benefits).

If you are a small business owner, then you are facing business hurdles. Collaborative Connections E45 addresses the growing pains Irene Ploski, Paul Hershenberg, and Rochelle Poulton faced as entrepreneurs and the role building a network played in their success. This episode discussed small business hurdles, the power of connections, the role of commercial insurance, and how employee benefits improve company culture.

Building a business is hard, but doing it the right way with the help of good business consultants, and knowledgeable insurance brokers can give you confidence to keep moving forward. 

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Collaborative Connections E45

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Our Featured Guests

Irene Ploski


Founded in 2009, Independence Insurance Group PLLC has a total combined industry experience of over 36 years. We are an independent agency and have several options to offer to our clients.

We are not bound to a single insurance company that offers a single type of product, but instead, we look for the best fit for each of our clients, our goal is to find the right combination of coverage and price.


Irene Ploski has been in the insurance industry since 2003. She is married and is the mom of 2 very busy college students, a high-energy Golden Retriever and a Dobermann.

Irene’s other impressive associations also include the Phoenix Lions Club, where she is a member and has also served as Secretary and Vice-President.

She is also a member of the Phoenix Elks Lodge #335, where she served as Chairwoman of the Advisory Committee for their teen program called the Phoenix Antlers Lodge #335, an organization that promotes leadership, good citizenship and strong friendships, respect for parents and love for community in teens through volunteering and fundraising.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Irene prioritizes spending time with her family, traveling, cooking, spending time with friends, volunteering in the community, and loves going to concerts.

Irene is also bilingual! She is fluent in Spanish, and is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. She moved to Arizona in 2000 and became a U.S. Citizen in 2010. She founded Independence Insurance Group in 2009.

Please feel free to connect with Irene on LinkedIn and follow Independence Insurance Group on Facebook

Paul Hershenberg


Our next guest, Paul Hersheberg, is also an incredible entrepreneur. He is co-owner of Hershenberg & Stone Walsh Insurance Services, LLC, a full-service insurance broker.

Paul and his dedicated team specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses create and maintain their employee benefits program. These benefits can be anything, like health insurance, group life insurance, key person insurance, 401Ks, and more. Every business is unique, so having a team like Paul’s to help create the right benefits program is essential. A great employee benefits program can help attract better candidates, improve employee retention, and so much more.


Paul Hershenberg is the Managing Member and founder of Hershenberg & Stone-Walsh Insurance Services. In addition to being a great guy, Paul is a seasoned professional. He has been helping business owners design and implement employee benefit programs for over 25 years.

Paul and his team have created an employee benefits agency with the knowledge, ability, and resources to positively impact his clients and help them attract and retain quality employees.

Connect with Paul on LinkedIn and follow Hershenberg & Stone Walsh Insurance Services on Facebook.

About Our Guest Host


Rochelle Poulton joined KLM Consulting, after nearly ten years of running her own law firm assisting clients with consumer rights, real estate matters, and business law.

Now at KLM, Rochelle offers creative solutions for entrepreneurs seeking to reach the next level of their business journey. Rochelle assists clients with consulting, business development, and project management.

In addition, Rochelle has nearly 20 years of real estate experience and is a licensed Realtor with Realty Executives.

Connect with Rochelle on LinkedIn or visit us online at

About Collaborative Connections

The purpose of Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast is to build a connected community, one collaborative show at a time. We highlight local non-profits, associations, entrepreneurs, small and family-owned businesses.

By bringing 4 like-minded people together for an hour of in-depth conversation, our hope is that they connect and collaborate in life and business in the future.

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