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Our Kelly Lorenzen As “A Woman to Know!”

kelly lorenzen featured article as woman to know

The Know Women is a global organization that highlights and unifies exceptional women in business giving them space, people, dynamics and occasions to grow as individuals as well as a business! This month our own Kelly Lorenzen is featured, as she is an amazing woman to KNOW!

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Kelly’s story highlights her path to a world of entrepreneurial success. Her walk led her to find her passion in helping small businesses grow. After having “been there and done that” with multiple successful endeavors herself, she understands the rigor, foresight, and vision it takes to build and scale a business. Her vision includes a team of entrepreneurs that contribute to the success of other businesses. Equally important, her experience and unique ability to see the big picture and all the steps it entails for each unique business model is beyond knowledge-based. It is experience and wisdom-based! The article underlines her “whys” of where she is today. Why she has created a business supporting entrepreneurs. Why she is an expert in helping small businesses scale and succeed, making her a true woman to know!

Another reason she is a woman to know is her highlighted strengths! Kelly’s resilience is yet another quality she beholds in her human. After having conquered breast cancer this last year in 2023. She still works hard to love her family, all while winning in her business relationships and client support. Of course, her strength of superhuman kindness is yet another highlight of the interview that was well captured and expressed.

Lastly, Kelly’s heart radiates her love for the community. Kelly’s passion for helping others was a big highlight in her why’s. She always has a lending hand to those around her. She lifts those in her circle as she shines bright in a world where we need more Kelly’s. I hope you enjoy the beautiful read put together by Know Women. The world is truly a better place with our Kelly in it, and I suggest you get to know her too!

Hugs to you Kelly. ~ Love, Sahar

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