Kyle Mcintosh, MAC6

What was the challenge or struggle that you were having before we started working together? Or what need did you have as a business owner that made you call me?

The situation that I found myself in is that my business, MAC6, had reached a level of activity and complexity that was beyond both my ability to keep everything organized in my head and/or any process to effectively work through everything that was on our plate for both the current and future state of the business with our relatively small team.  It seemed completely overwhelming to even start getting all of that out of my head to create a project plan that we could work on, let alone how we might do that in an efficient manner.  The situation was continuing to get worse and I/we continued to feel increasingly overwhelmed and behind, without a great outlook of how we could get to a more proactive place again without trying to just outwork the problem and spend an unreasonable amount of hours to dig our way out of the whole.  I was concerned not only about my own sanity, but also with asking this of my employees who were already feeling the burden of the post covid world we were also navigating as a business at that time. 

How did our work help you as a business owner? The result?

Kelly, working with you was like being stranded out at sea in an inflatable life boat and all of the sudden a cruise liner appears out of nowhere to save us.  It was, from my perspective, such an easy process with your guidance to calmly but assertively work through a couple of brainstorming sessions that helped to not only pull everything out of my head, but also to put it into a much more manageable plan that we could effectively work through to not only get us on top of the current work load but also to create processes and plans so that when these things come up again in the future, we are much better prepared to handle them without getting stuck and behind again.  Looking back, the simplicity and ease of the process with you not only helped to get us back to a proactive place as a business and to ease some of the emotional/mental burden that we were feeling in the moment, but honestly helped to re-frame how I continue to think about situations like these in the future.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!