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Want to Run Facebook Ads?

want to run facebook ads

Have you ever thought about running Facebook ads for your business? But don’t know where to start?

We keep up with the rules, regulations, and algorithm changes around Facebook ads, so we can help clients run ads for their business. One of the people we have learned from and follow is Meg Brunson.

Meg Brunson is a previous Facebook employee. She recently emailed her database these four tips to have in place before running a Facebook Ad. We thought they were spot on and very helpful for our clients. So, we wanted to share them with you…

Four Tips to have in place before running a Facebook Ad

  1. An active email list – you should be collecting emails and communicating with your list regularly. Email follow up is a critical element of successful Facebook marketing! 
  2. A proven product – you should have sales and/or paying customers before investing a ton of money into paid advertising. Leverage organic strategies to confirm your product and messaging and increase the likelihood of a quick return on your ad spend.
  3. Knowledge – don’t blindly boost or run ads without understanding how the system works. Facebook offers free training through their Blueprint Courses, and I also have a ton of resources that will help (email me if you need to know where to find them).
  4. Realistic expectations – Facebook Ads (like other forms of marketing) involve a process of ongoing testing and optimization. What worked for one client may not work for another, and what worked for you last month may not work this month. You should budget for a period of testing before expecting to see big returns.

Originally published by Meg Brunson…

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