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Why Coaching Matters for Entrepreneurs

Kelly Lorenzen. Brian Wood. Shawn Snyder.

Collaborative Connections E4

During Collaborative Connections E4, you will hear from three amazing coaches! Host, Kelly Lorenzen with KLM Consulting, Brian Wood with MARS Coaching, and Shawn Snyder with Looking Forward Consulting.

Coaches can help you identify key challenges, make smarter decisions, and focus on money-making projects. They help develop strategies that take your business to the next level. Enjoy

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Brian Wood with Mars Coaching.

Brian Wood is a previous Chairman of The Board for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, with 30 years of experience at American Airlines and Waste Management. He combines a corporate perspective with his background as an athlete and a certified professional coach to provide clients with unique support and guidance toward the next level of greatness.

Brian was certified as a professional coach (leadership, success and transition) through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. He uses a model that identifies the mindset and energy that is constructive while attacking the opportunities to convert catabolic thinking. Brian is enthusiastic about helping people find their passion, leverage their gifts while identifying and achieving their definition of success.

Additionally, Brian is:

  • A mentor with New Pathways for Youth
  • A Certified Player Agent with FIBA, the NBA and WNBA Players Associations
  • A Certified Leadership Circle Profile practitioner
  • A graduate of Valley Leadership
  • An international Speaker
  • Co-author of bestselling book – “Journey of Riches”
  • Featured in the upcoming movie “Adversity”
  • Executive Coach with American Express Leadership Academy (hosted by ASU Lodestar Center)

Originally, from NJ, Brian earned his BA in Communications from William Paterson University and earned his MBA in 2014 from the University of Phoenix. He loves travel, community involvement, adventure, generating positive influence and “the experience” of life. Also loves spending time with his wife Vivian and kids – and watching them compete in sports and life.

Brian mentioned many wonderful thoughts on the show that are helpful to daily life and in the business world, here are a few snit-bites…

“Sometimes we’re tricked into believing that, ‘this is a success, this is happiness,’ and the reality is that’s really something that’s intrinsic, something that we have to figure out.”

“When you look at some of the things that we fall into a trap with, some of it is the things that we’ve always known. So, you’re right. On the productivity side, we know that we have quantifiable numbers, we have measurements, we’ve always done it this way, but that necessarily hasn’t always served us.”

“It’s difficult for people to get out of the mindset and see, ‘How can we do something different? How can we do something bigger and better and use more creativity and imagination?’ and really connect that to the relationships that’s going to drive multiple KPIs.”

“There is that idea that not living your passion within your values, what we always talk about, that’s the crime… We’re designed for greatness and impact. That’s our responsibility.”

“We come from a place of gratitude, but we’re also responsible to make the world a better place, conquer the world.”

“The more that we let go of stuff that doesn’t serve our passion, our values, the more good stuff, the more good people, the more good energy that comes our way, and it moves us closer to our vision.”

“…that direction and that guidance, that comes from a good place.”

Brian’s Piece of Advice

“There was something on Netflix (which is awesome), the Clarence Clemons Documentary it talks about how he always said before he left everyone, he would say, “Order the good wine.” The fact is live for now, be present, we have more yesterdays than we have tomorrows. Enjoy right here, right now. It’s not someday.” “Order the good wine.”

Brian Wood. Kelly Lorenzen. Shawn Snyder.

Shawn Snyder with President of Looking Forward Consulting.

Shawn Snyder is an accomplished organizational development expert with a proven ability to develop and implement training strategies as well as organizational change initiatives. He is recognized as an expert in human performance and developing tomorrow’s leaders. He has also led multi-million dollar change initiatives for Fortune 500 companies.

Shawn is an accomplished speaker and innovator. He has traveled the world inspiring leaders at all levels. He has helped many organizations drive higher sales, increase employee morale, and reduce employee turnover. Innovation and technology are a cornerstone to Shawn’s success with clients. Shawn has several apps available in market that enable interaction with learners in new and different ways.

With his experience as a trainer for 20 plus years, one of his passions is helping people through the classroom to get better at what they’re doing. Shawn has a master’s degree in organizational development, he began his career starting in the hospitality industry. For several years, he worked in a casino, ran a training department for a casino, he was able to help with customer service skills, leadership skills, communication, and other types of core skills necessary to be able to succeed in the business. This quickly advanced to more than just helping the business, but helping the entire tribe, becoming the education source for the tribe. After several years, he moved into a Fortune 500 organization in the valley, worked many international assignments in different places around the globe.

About 11 years ago, Shawn started his own organization, a small consulting firm where he gets to work with many great organizations. A traditional week for Shawn is going into a client organization, teaching leadership, communication skills, conflict management resolution skills, leadership coaching, and measuring the impact they have across the organization.

More about Looking Forward Consulting

Looking Forward Consulting is a training and performance consultant organization. They help leaders become better leaders, communicators, and get better at communicating their message to each other. The company helps to reduce workplace resistance and change management while doing a lot of executive coaching and developing online modules.

When we look at production, we can measure production, putting measurements to it. It’s hard to do it on the relationship side, but the companies think they’ve found some keys to be able to measure some of those relationship elements. You’re investing everything in the things that absolutely work against the bottom line and the success of the business. It’s difficult for people to get out of the mindset and see… “How can we do something different? How can we do something bigger, better, use more creativity, and imagination?” and really connect that to the relationships that’s going to drive multiple KPIs. Not just the bottom line, but all the components within the financials. Everything from employee engagement to workers’ comp, to employee engagement. There are a hundred things that are connected to what Looking Forward Consulting walks companies/individuals through with the relationships as opposed to just exclusively the productivity.

Shawn’s Piece of Advice.

“A great leadership expert, now no longer with us, the late Stephen Covey wrote Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, et cetera. He was just an amazing, brilliant man, he wrote a personal and family mission statement that’s always resonated with me. I also just always think of too, which in his family, they always had a mission of no empty seats. To them this meant that we’re always present, we’re always here, we always support each other, and we always challenge each other. So, in our businesses, in our families, in our marriages, in our lives, no empty seats. Be there.”

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Contact Information:

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting. Host, Collaborative Connections E4

Brian Wood, Mars Coaching.,

Shawn Snyder, Looking Forward Consulting.

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting. Brain Wood, Mars Coaching. Shawn Snyder, Looking Forward Consulting.

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