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Retirement, Co-Working, & Radio Marketing

Collaborative Connections, Episode 3.

Collaborative Connections E3

Three guests joined host, Kelly Lorenzen on Collaborative Connections E3. Jeremy Neis, Shatha Barbor, and Karen Nowicki. They discussed retirement, female-centric co-working spaces, and radio marketing for small business.

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About Collaborative Connections

Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast is hosted by Kelly Lorenzen and sponsored by KLM Consulting. The show is broadcast from the Phoenix Business RadioX Studio. Collaborative Connections brings entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and associations together to build relationships, foster collaboration, and grow a stronger community together.

Jeremy Neis

Jeremy Neis presently spends the majority of his time with the organization, Retirement Evolutions. He constitutes his journey in totality as being a business operator and/or in service to other business operators. He is also a member of the Conscious Capitalism movement chapter in Arizona.

Retirement Evolutions is a boutique wealth management firm focusing on longterm wealth strategies, often that’s retirement centric. Basically…partly guide, partly educated, partly counselor.

What makes them different? There are two major categories of retirement shops or wealth planning in general. There are the big brands you know and see in strip malls. Then, there are the independents, which Retirement Evolutions is. They are a “fiduciary” which means “obligated to serve our clients and only our clients.” Another key differentiator is they are smaller and able to focus on our individual clients. It gives us a lot of flexibility and specialization.

Remember – there is never going to be a convenient time to start thinking for the future.

Shatha Barbour

Shatha Barbour is the founder and CEO of Hera Hub Phoenix. It is a female-focused coworking space for women, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Hera Hub Phoenix is not exclusive to women but is a space that specifically resonates with women. Shatha’s mission is to create a space to start and grow their businesses. Hera Hub Phoenix has have been open about a year and a half now, previously, taking two years to open. With a very diverse community, it has become a very global community.

The current trend exploding on a national level and international level is women speaking up and speaking out. These women saying “we want our own space, collaboration, and resources at our fingertips.”

Karen Nowicki

Karen Nowicki is the CEO of Phoenix Business RadioX. They want to become the media partner for businesses like Kelly’s. And other organizations that see the value in storytelling and accelerated relationship building. They are also paid to produce their podcast, and their radio show, and it increase their visibility. This helps them accelerate the relationships, and thank the people they’re already doing business with. It also is a great way to say, “hey, I’d like to get to know you, come and do a show with me.”

Conscious Capitalism is a proud sponsor of Phoenix Business Radio X. Karen explained that “Conscious Capitalism is an international movement around doing good business, taking care of people, having a higher purpose, treating people with respect, dignity, and making a boatload of money. Once embedded into the culture and the conversations, it’s very evident that we want to have conscious businesses.”

Collaborative Connections, Episode 3 with Shatha Barbour, Karen Nowicki and Jeremy Neis

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