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Collaborative Connections E2

On this episode, host Kelly Lorenzen, was joined by special guests Dena Patton, Holly Carson, and Laurie Hamel. By bringing like-minded people together on Collaborative Connections E2 our hope is that they connect in life and business in the future.

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About Collaborative Connections

Collaborative Connections E2 is hosted by Kelly Lorenzen and sponsored by KLM Consulting. The show is broadcast live from the Phoenix Business RadioX Studio in Arizona. Collaborative Connections is a radio series created to bring entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and associations together to build relationships, foster collaboration, and grow a stronger community together. Our hope for today is that listeners and guests alike will walk away with a golden nugget or a new resource for their business.

Face it Skincare

Collaborative Connection. Episode 2. Kelly Lorenzen, KLM Consulting. Holly Carlson, Face It Skincare.
Holly Carlson

Holly is a licensed esthetician and owner of Face It Skincare. Her goal for every client is to help them feel their best and give them customized treatments to fit their skincare needs. Holly does the normal skincare treatments like facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning, etc. But, she specializes in corrective skincare, anti-aging and acne treatments like microneedling, LED Light therapy and microdermabrasions. Holly enjoys working with clients and helping them reach their skin care goals because skin is important to our health. She is also a licensed aesthetics instructor, and helps other estheticians learn the more advanced procedures.

One great thing that Holly talked about during the show was her system for clearing up stubborn acne. It’s called Face Reality and it’s a series of home care and also chemical pills, not the chemical pills that you see where the skin is completely removed.

They are more superficial peels of mandelic acid base. Mandelic acid can actually go down into the follicle of the skin and disinfect and work on inflammation and clear out that acne, even on those middle layers of skin. Acne is horrible. I mean, I feel for anyone who has it. Treating acne has actually become a major trademark of my business. Even in adults. I mean people tell people, “You will outgrow it.” And not everybody outgrows acne. I have plenty of people that have had acne since they were 10, and they are now 40 and they are still dealing with this. And this system has actually been able to get them clear.

Laurie Hamel

Collaborative Connection. Episode 2. Kelly Lorenzen, KLM Consulting. Laurie Hamel, Western Insurance Advisors.

Laurie, a senior advisor with Western Insurance Advisors has been a licensed health insurance agent for 10 years, specializing in the individual market. At the end of the day, her goals are to save the client’s money and keep their costs down while still providing them with good benefits.

Laurie shared that someone can purchase health insurance outside of open enrollment. November 1st to December 15th is always a great time to review your coverage because that’s when the most options are available. But there are policies that are available all year long, although those will have medical underwriting. If you have some medical conditions, they could possibly prevent you from getting a policy outside of open enrollment. It’s better to do it during this time of year or at least talk to a trusted advisor that will guide you.

Dena Patton

Collaborative Connection. Episode 2. Kelly Lorenzen, KLM Consulting. Dena Patton, Girls Rule Foundation & Coaching and Training.

Dena, the CEO of Dena Patton Coaching and Training and the co-founder of Girls Rule Foundation. She has been a business coach for 18 years, and has worked with entrepreneurs, founders, leaders and corporate teams. She loves it, gets to help people do really cool epic things in the world (which “is her addiction”). About eight years ago, she co-founded of the Girls Rule Foundation, a local 501c3 non-profit.

An interesting thing that Dena shared was what she found in her coaching and working with thousands of women leaders and CEOs, there was a pattern of women not learning the leadership and empowerment and self-esteem skills until later in our career years. When finding out things like these, sometimes it feels like it is just you…now there is two of us…and then there is five, then 10 and then 100. And all of a sudden, if the 300 women are saying the same thing, maybe there is something to this. So, Dena started to do the research on how training and developing girls, the intentional training and development around self-esteem and leadership specifically so that our girls really grow up with those skillsets. This then led her to co-found Girls Rule Foundation, a non-profit that teaches 12 leadership skills to girls ages 12-18.

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Contact Information:

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting. Host Collaborative Connections E2

Holly Carlson with Face It Skincare:, (480) 518-2775

Dena Patton Coaching & Training and Girls Rule Foundation:,, (602) 327-2619

Laurie Hamel with Western Insurance Advisors:, (480) 628-7165

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