Alyssa Leon, Cherry Blossom Doula Services

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What was the challenge or struggle that you were having before we started working together? Or what need did you have as a business owner that made you call me?

There were two main challenges that I was experiencing that led me to reaching out for support.  1-Helping me focus on main streams of income vs the overwhelm of all of the ideas I had (visionary life) lol and 2-How to stay connected with a quickly growing team

How did our work help you as a business owner? The result?

I didn’t have any expectations initially going into the meeting but left with so much valuable information and perspective.  What I appreciated most was Kelly was not a “yes person” meaning, she shared her recommendations with a wider lense and gently opened my eyes to my blind spots.  To be honest I was a little skeptical of some of the recommendations because I wasn’t sure if they were necessary (they 100% were!)

We were able to highlight where I needed to focus my time and energy for the greatest return in investment (which has significantly impacted my monthly revenue) and implemented frequent intentional meetings that have allowed us to stay connected, informed, and motivated as a team.