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Collaborative Connections E18

Are you living the life you dreamed of or wishing for more? Are you dreaming about the day you get to retire? Have you struggled with finances? If you are looking for tips on saving for retirement, financial freedom, or ways to create a stream of passive income, then Collaborative Connections E18 is worth the listen.

Featured guests, Doni and Larry Smith and Teresa Kuhn shared so many great tips and resources during this show about Life and Money. Check out the YouTube Video or listen to the podcast on Spotify below.

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Our Featured Guests…

Life And Money-Doni & Larry Smith, with Love and Money Hacks

Doni and Larry Smith

Doni and Larry Smith have been coaching and training individuals, families, and businesses for over 25 years and want to help YOU! We believe good judgment comes from experience, but experience comes from bad judgment. So, we must make mistakes in life, to learn lessons, so that we grow into what we want to become. We have taken our “former lives” and transcended them into “new lives”. It all started when we became self-employed! In addition, Doni and Larry have been featured in numerous books, magazines, on radio talk shows, and on TV.

Love and Money Hacks. What if you could bypass the mistakes because you got the education from someone who has been there? As trainers, motivational speakers, and authors, we help people achieve financial freedom and communicate effectively with their partner. We will provide lessons to you that are simple to understand and implement, and the results can be LIFE CHANGING!

Our financial education and relationship development will help have a better quality of life if you follow our advice. It will SAVE you a tremendous amount of money, by providing the financial education that everybody needs and also how to improve your relationships! We look forward to helping you live LIFE the way it was meant to be lived. Changing the world one hack at a time!

Love and Money Hacks

Financial Freedom-Teresa Kuhn, with Living Wealthy Financial Group

Teresa Kuhn

Teresa Kuhn, a respected financial educator, best-selling author, and strategist; is passionate about ensuring that her clients have the tools they need to survive a changing economy. Her diverse educational and life background, uniquely qualified to assist individuals, families, and business owners in designing blueprints for financial and professional success.

Living Wealth Financial Group is a financial wealth and retirement income strategists tired of seeing ordinary Americans having their wealth eroded needlessly. Business owners, individuals, and families are confused and misinformed when it comes to how best to build their financial cornerstones. Using the unique cornerstone of Bank On Yourself, we help our clients take charge of their own money and liberate themselves from bondage to conventional financial wisdom that no longer works in the modern economy. Through proven and time-tested safe money strategies, we provide creative solutions that enable clients to remain financially sound through every life event.

Living Wealth Financial Group

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Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting, host of Collaborative Connections E18

Doni Smith, Co-Founder of Love and Money Hacks., loveandmoneyhacks.comBusiness LinkedIn, Personal LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Larry Smith, Co-Founder of Love and Money Hacks. – Business LinkedIn, Personal LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Teresa Kuhn, President/CEO of Living Wealthy Financial Group., livingwealthyfinancial.comAbout Her, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

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