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Have you ever wanted to support a small business, but not sure how to do that besides financially as a patron or client? There are quite a few ways to help support small business owners in a non-financial way. And the best part about your effort? You’ll be a major part of that business’s success!

Here are some of the ways we support the small businesses…

  • Like, Comment, Follow, and Share their social media accounts & posts.
  • Tag friends in their social media posts to expand their network.
  • If you have had an interaction with the company, you can leave reviews on their Website, their Google my business page, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Sign up for the company newsletter to keep up with their happenings and specials.
  • On both social media and in-person, give small businesses a ‘shout out‘ or referral.
  • Post a picture in or about the small business and/or their products on your social.
  • Subscribe to the company’s YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn company pages.
  • Last but not least, cheer the company on! They will appreciate it.

All of these things help more than we think they do! We love supporting all our local small businesses! Help us support them by sharing your favorite small businesses.

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