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Collaborative Connections E11

Need a dose of inspiration? How about a little positive energy to fill your day? Then check out Collaborative Connections E11

Host Kelly Lorenzen had great featured guests! Home With Help’s owner, Kimberly Mitchell, Terri Morrison, RN of Terri Morrison Consulting LLC, and Stephanie Russell, RN owner of Concierge Senior Care Management.

These amazing business leaders shared tips, insights, inspiration and more!

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More about our featured guests…

Kimberly Mitchell-Home With Help

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Home With Help® was founded in 2002. Successfully serving Maricopa County, the company is family-owned and operated by Kimberly & Wes Mitchell. They are passionate about providing excellent in-home care for their patients and their families, whom they serve and love!

Home With Help® is the source for qualified, trained personal caregivers and for those who want the finest in-home care and support. They provide home care services to improve patients’ health 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The team at Home With Help® is dedicated to providing compassionate, quality in-home care for their patients, so they can live with dignity and respect. This enables the patients to be in a safe and supportive environment while allowing them stay at home.

Stephanie Russell-Concierge Senior Care Management, LLC

Concierge Senior Care Management created by Stephanie Russell RN, BSN
Stephanie brings over 20 years of nursing experience and executive healthcare
management to offer personalized assistance to navigate the increasingly
complex healthcare continuum.

The ever-changing obstacle course of placement, hospice/palliative care, home
health, private duty caregiving services, and skilled nursing /rehabilitation post
hospitalization creates an overwhelming decision-making task for many families.

Concierge Senior Care Management provides a personalized, professional
assessment to ascertain the most suitable options for individual care planning,
and allows her clients to have access to the best, most personalized resources
available to seniors and their loved ones by maintaining a well-curated group of
industry-leading organizations with the most advanced methodology care model
available in Arizona. Concierge Senior Care Management will act as a single
point of contact as clients make decisions about current and future care needs
with a focus on aging in place safely.

Terri Morrison-Terri Morrison Consulting LLC

Terri Morrison Consulting, LLC is a medical training and consulting firm owned
and operated by Terri Morrison RN, BS Education. She specializes in
“hands-on” training classes, workshops, and individual coaching of Doctors, RNs,
Nurse practitioners, Physician assistants for setting up vein practices and
specifically clinical skills regarding Sclerotherapy and Compression garments
and their fitting and usage.

Contact Information:

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting. Host Collaborative Connections E11 LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Kimberly Mitchell, President of Home With Help. (480) 941-0200,, homewithhelp.netLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Stephanie Russell, Owner of Concierge Senior Care Management, LLC. srussell.cscm@gmail.comLinkedIn

Terri Morrison, Owner of Terri Morrison Consulting LLC. – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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