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Coaching, Human Resources, & More

Coaching, Human Resources, and More

Collaborative Connections E27

Imagine if we all had a coach or accountability partner for every area of our lives. What if every workplace was inclusive, equitable, and diverse? What would the world be like? Check out Collaborative Connections E27 to hear what these experts think about it.

Host, Kelly Lorenzen was joined on-air by Laurel Elders, CEO of Institute for Integrative Intelligence, Mary Henry, Co-Founder of AZ Talent CoOp, and Tamica Sears, The Corporate Fixer at Sears Coaching. These amazing business leaders shared their perspectives on HR, corporate America, coaching, collaboration, mindset, and more.

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Laurel Elders - Institute for Integrative Intelligence

Laurel Elders is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Integrative Intelligence. She began her career as a coach in 2005 after noticing that we are living in pivotal times. Corporations often place profit above people and individuals feeling lost in the “rat race”. Corporate drive is leaving the largest scale impact on the future of sustainability. Laurel observed how coaching is powerfully tapping into the next phase of human potential and is contributing to powerful solutions. She is invested in bringing the highest levels of coaching, training, and mentoring, into a world that needs people’s gifts, talents, purpose, and heart.

Institute for Integrative Intelligence

The Institute for Integrative Intelligence is a team of masterful coaches. Their mission: to elevate human potential through the art and science of Integrative Intelligence®. The Institute has a strong mission to equip professionals, leaders, and companies to dive into the core of intelligent transformations. The company values leaving a positive footprint and being a part of the solution. The Institute offers ICF accredited coach training programs in life enhancement, leadership excellence, and human development.

Mary Henry, AZ Talent CoOp

Mary Henry - coaching human resources and more

Mary Henry is a human resources consultant and recognized leader in change management, people development, and organization assessment. She focuses on adding bottom-line value to organizations through People Process and Profit. Her stellar leadership background with Fortune 50 companies in the retail space makes her an asset to organizational change assignments. As a senior HR leader with a major pharmacy retailer, Mary was selected as the HR Partner aligned with the business in multiple acquisitions. During these lengthy assignments, she used change models to effectively integrate the acquired companies into the organization and culture with detailed approaches, tools, and strategies.

AZ Talent CoOp

AZ Talent CoOp is a collaboration of people-centered associations and their members. Our focus is professional development, board development, and member experience through shared events. Our impact is to create value by understanding how to build and maintain inclusive workplaces.

Tamica Sears, Sears Coaching

Tamica Sears - coaching human resources and more

Tamica Sears, The Corporate Fixer, has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources. She has helped various industries and Fortune 500 companies. She has coached leaders, teams, and individual contributors. Her focus is on helping leaders gain a better understanding of who they are. Including their strengths, and development opportunities, so they can move forward with authenticity. A self-professed HR nerd, she loves working with leaders on strategic planning, org restructuring, talent reviews, and succession planning. What really makes her heart sing is coaching teams to be more cohesive and collaborative. Identifying self-esteem as a common issue with many leaders, Tamica published “You Are Enough.” A book of motivational quotes designed to increase self-esteem in 30 days. She also has a second leadership development book releasing in February, “Are You an A**hole Boss?”.

Sears Coaching

Sears Coaching provides leadership development, executive coaching, and HR consulting to small and medium businesses that are struggling to rise to their full potential. Using team coaching, one-on-one coaching, training, and consulting techniques, they help create breakthroughs and transformations that are needed for organizations to be innovative, inclusive, and profitable. Sears Coaching focuses on developing leaders in an effort to change the face of corporate America by shifting the ways that leaders behave and disrupting the status quo. They create a “new normal”, a workplace where everyone is appreciated and feels like they belong.

Contact Information

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting., klmconsultingandmarketing.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Mary Henry, Co-Founder of AZ Talent CoOp., aztalentcoopllc.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Laurel Elders, CEO of Institute for Integrative Intelligence., integrativecoachtraining.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Tamica Sears, Executive Coach & HR Consultant of Sears Coaching., searscoaching.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

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