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Collaborative Connections E42

Are you looking for ways to support local businesses or get support as a small business? How about mindset or entrepreneurial tips? Or do you have someone you love living with Dementia? If so, then check out Collaborative Connections E42 with host, Kelly Lorenzen.

Kelly was on air with 3 amazing guests. Michelle Zipser, owner of Cognitive Care and Counseling. Thomas Barr, Vice President of Business Development at Local First Arizona. And Carla Reeves, owner of Carla Reeves, LLC.

They gave amazing insights, resources, and tips for all of the above, and more.

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Michelle Zipser, Guest


Cognitive Care and Counseling provides counseling, education, and consultations to care partners, caregivers, and family members of people living with dementia. They also assist with older adults going through a life transition. They help you care for yourself, so you can care for your loved one.


Michelle Zipser has 20 years of experience. She worked as a medical social worker in hospice, in palliative care, and has been a caregiver herself.

She knows and understands that this caregiving journey can create many emotions that we could never anticipate.

Having a counselor who understands this can make all the difference. Michelle focuses on meeting her clients where they are at and understands that everyone is on their own journey.

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn.

Local First Arizona, Guest


Founded in 2003, Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization committed to community and economic development throughout Arizona. Our work connects people, locally-owned businesses, and communities for meaningful actions that build a diverse, inclusive, and prosperous Arizona economy.

Educating consumers about the interconnectedness of the economy — how and where they spend matters.

Training small businesses to be more resilient, while helping our larger partners tell their story as champions of Arizona.

Creating programs and events that make it fun and easy to discover local businesses and buy local.

Targeting systems of inequity and building prosperity for all Arizonans by proactively identifying comprehensive solutions and taking action

Thomas Barr, Local First Arizona


Thomas Barr is the Vice President of Business Development for Local First Arizona. Local First is the largest coalition of local businesses in North America. He advocates for a strong local business community that contributes to building vibrancy, equity, and prosperity across the state.

A proud Arizona native and graduate of Arizona State University, Thomas leads the business coalition. He advocates for the economic and cultural benefits provided by building strong local economies.

Thomas steers the strategic direction of LFA’s major programs, initiatives, and the engagement of over 3000 businesses across Arizona. As Vice President, Thomas guides the direction of key partnerships, and the collaboration of 40 staff. He oversees the implementation of entrepreneurship programs, small business advocacy, environmental sustainability, urban development, local food systems, and community building.

He frequently speaks to groups locally and nationally, presenting the impact of Local First Arizona.

Outside of Local First Arizona, Thomas contributes his time to many causes and organizations throughout the Valley. He is involved with Young Nonprofit Professionals – Phoenix, Equality Arizona, Arizona Commission on the Arts, Heritage Square Foundation, Phoenix Legal Action Network, and ONE Community.

Additionally, he serves as a director on the board of the American Independent Business Alliance, the leading national organization supporting the growth and development of local business alliances across the country. Thomas is a 2018 Phoenix Magazine and 2021 Phoenix Business Journal 40 Under 40 honoree, alumni of Arizona Leading for Change, and alumni of Valley Leadership Institute’s 40th cohort.

Most recently, Thomas has been appointed to the Small Business Advisory Council for the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.

Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn.

Carla Reeves, Guest


At Carla Reeves Coaching, they believe people are far closer than they realize to what they deeply desire, but trapped by an outdated way of thinking that prevents them from achieving their most important goals.

For over a decade they have been helping ambitious leaders identify their blind spots and overcome the internal barriers that keep them from taking their life to the next level.


For over a decade, ambitious leaders and hyper-achievers have been relying on Carla Reeves to call out their blind spots, challenge their thinking and expand their perspective.

She is known for her compassionate, direct, and truth-telling candor.

Carla believes in ditching the illusion that life will be great “someday” in the future and teaches leaders how to move out of survival and forward with intention, now.

She is the host of the podcast, Differently. Journaling changed her life and she’s now changing other people’s lives by coaching with a journal. It has proven to deepen and accelerate the impact for her clients.

She is the mother of two, was born and raised in a sleepy beach town in California and now lives in AZ on a small farm with cows, chickens and her beloved husband.

Connect with Carla on LinkedIn.

About Collaborative Connections E42

The purpose of Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast is to build a connected community, one collaborative show at a time. We highlight local non-profits, associations, small and family-owned businesses.

By bringing 4 like-minded people together for an hour of in-depth conversation, our hope is that they connect and collaborate in life and business in the future.

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