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Leaving a Legacy

Collaborative Connection Leaving a Legacy
Collaborative Connections E43

What legacy will you leave behind? Have you ever pondered that question? Our guests on Collaborative Connections E43 sure have.

Host, Kelly Lorenzen had the honor of interviewing her dad, Nick Morrison MD, who just retired from 50 years of patient care, and two of his best friends and fellow medical professionals, Tony Jakubowski, and Joe Zygmunt.

These three amazing guests are leaders in their field, pioneers, philanthropists, inventors, business owners, and more.

They shared some life stories, lessons learned, significant accomplishments, passions, aha moments, and their hope for the future of medicine.

If you are in medicine, a business owner, and/or a leader in your field, this is a great episode to listen to. So many great nuggets were shared.

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Dr. Nick Morrison, Guest


Dr. Nick Morrison is the Immediate Past-President of the International Union of Phlebology, Past President of the American College of Phlebology, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.

Beginning in 1996, following 23 years of a General Surgery practice, he and his wife, Terri, co-founded the Morrison Vein Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. This practice was sold and dissolved in 2017 and Dr. Morrison is now retired.

Over the past 24 years he concentrated his practice on the care and treatment of patients with venous and lymphatic disorders. He is the author of numerous book chapters and scientific journal articles relating to venous disorders.

Beginning in 1989, and annually since, Dr. Morrison and Terri have directed a medical volunteer organization, Amigos de Salud, and led the group to Central or South America delivering medical and surgical treatment to indigent populations. Dr Morrison also happens to be Kelly’s dad.

Joe Zygmunt, Guest


Joe Zygmunt started with pioneering USGS in the USA – first presentations at US Phlebology meetings in 1988, and the UIP in 1989.

He has owned/operated 3 vein clinics which popularized USGS and duplex for venous diagnosis. Joined the ACP (AVLS) as first non-physician and early non-physician of AVF.

Joe is heavily involved with ACP program development education and the annual congress. He started the Allied Health section which evolved into and chaired the US section of the ACP

Joe met Tony Jakubowski, another early pioneer in the 90’s. Nick Morrison visited Joe’s clinic in Charlotte in “97/98. They became fast friends and have traveled to global vein conferences and multiple volunteer trips to Central/South America.

Joe joined the vein industry in 2008 and is now in medical devices.

Tony Jakubowski, Guest


Tony Jakubowski is a Seriel Entrepreneur. He owns LDC Medical and is Co-Founder of Med360 Inc and Anyon Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

Tony has proved himself as a businessman and industry expert in many fields. He has started multiple successful businesses and is an industry expert in Venous Ablation procedures. His medical technical expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and singular focus on providing the best quality product will ensure LDC Medical is the premier medical supplier.

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