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Collaborative Connections E44

During Collaborative Connections E44, we covered a lot of topics. Including capital and grants for small businesses, food insecurity, and other social service needs. We also discussed strategic implementation, and the importance of efficiency and effectiveness for non-profits and businesses, and more.

Host, Kelly Lorenzen, was joined by 3 special guests! Albert Loveland, CEO of Strabo; Deborah Arteaga, CEO of Tempe Community Action Agency, Inc., and Stephanie Hastings, CEO of Tax Day Baby.

They shared wise words, great tips, and insights for businesses and organizations, that it is well worth listening to.

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Al Loveland, Guest


Al Loveland spent 15 years in the Credit Card industry. He managed groups of over 100 lenders. He was also an inventory management group leader responsible for resource allocation to over 500 analysts.

After leaving the corporate world, Al has been a consultant, coach, and facilitator in the small business and nonprofit sectors. Al founded Strabo, a consulting firm that assists businesses with strategic planning. Al understands that an organization’s strategic plan is only as good as its ability to achieve it. Now all serves as the Vice President of Operations at MAC6.

Al’s mission is to partner with clients and members to help them develop people, create effective positions, and streamline procedures to drive desired performance.

Connect with Al on LinkedIn.

Stephanie Hastings, Guest


Tax Day Baby is the resource to bridge the gap between survive and thrive. Stephanie works with new entrepreneurs and small businesses. She understands that they struggle with building business credit, getting capital, and managing their book. Knowing this can be a heavy weight on their minds, Stephanie strives to get business out of survival mode.  

Tax Day Baby provides accounting support and so much more. TDB also assists with education, implementation, and accountability. This is the TDB recipe to get your business growth goals in alignment with your revenue and cashflow.

Tax Day Baby is also known as the “Dollar Doctors” for your bottom line. We map out a clear plan for your business to regain peace of mind and passionately play full-out. Tax Day Baby, all things accounting…and more!


Stephanie Hastings is an accountant, financial consultant, professional speaker, author, trainer, wife, and mother. She has 19+ years in various Executive Administrative roles. So she struck out on her own to make a positive ripple effect by supporting individuals and small business owners with their finances and entrepreneurial dreams.

Stephanie’s business and financial expertise, and background in Hotel/Restaurant Management (HRM), has allowed her to humanize the numbers and relate to her audience and clients.

Stephanie’s a notary, a wedding officiant, and served on Northern Arizona University (NAU) Alumni Board. Through her various personal trials and triumphs, Stephanie has been able to hone her skills and gifts to grow a community of resources and affiliates. She knows how valuable it is to have a solid network that you can refer to and rely on. She is always learning and striving to do her best.

Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Deborah Arteaga, Guest


Tempe Community Action Agency is Tempe’s largest non profit social services agency. TCAA was established in 1966 and since then, has remained true to its core purpose to eliminate poverty and advance equitable communities. TCAA operates 8 unique programs.

These programs drive positive change in the areas of food security, housing stability, health and well-being, and economic empowerment among the more than 30,000 individuals served each year in communities across the East Valley.


Deborah Arteaga joined Tempe Community Action Agency as Chief Executive Officer in 2016. She has dedicated a 30-year career to bettering lives for individuals and improving community well-being through leadership positions within corporate, nonprofit, and public-sector human service organizations.

In prior roles Deborah led programs that moved welfare recipients to work, helped women transition from prison, fostered senior independence, empowered domestic violence survivors, helped bring an end to homelessness, strengthened families, and fed the hungry.

She also launched a business which brought capacity building and successful proposal writing services over 8 years to organizations within and outside of Arizona. Influenced by her Hispanic heritage, Deborah works to promote inclusiveness and access for people from backgrounds of disadvantage and across all walks of life.

When not roughing it with her four children ages 17-31 years and her 3-year-old granddaughter, Deborah can be found painting, traveling, writing, or gardening.

Follow TempeCommunity Action Agency on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram.

About Collaborative Connections E44

The purpose of Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast is to build a connected community, one collaborative show at a time. We highlight local non-profits, associations, small and family-owned businesses.

By bringing 4 like-minded people together for an hour of in-depth conversation, our hope is that they connect and collaborate in life and business in the future.

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