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Collaborative Connections E6

During Collaborative Connections E6 we discussed the ways to handle stress, anxiety, divorce, and how to protect your assets. This month’s radio show was inspiring, helpful, and resourceful.

Host Kelly Lorenzen, was joined by 3 amazing women! Julie Jakubek – Allstate Insurance, Natalie Marie- Ceroni Law Firm, and Jo Lou Spleth- Let Your Life Flow. They gave great resources and tips! These women are amazing and we would encourage everyone to connect with them.

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Jo Lou Spleth of Let Your Life Flow

Jo Lou Spleth is a long-time entrepreneur and former corporate manager. She has experience with the stress of owning and running a business. As well as going through the common life trials of divorce, parenthood, and grief. This led her to pursue a spiritual path as strongly as her career path.

Her experience of burning out in her corporate role pushed her to develop a stress management course for business professionals. She added energy psychology techniques to get to the real root of most stress — energetic baggage and limiting subconscious beliefs.

Jo Lou Spleth has worked with dozens of professional women to help them enjoy business and personal success. She specializes in partner stress, like divorce and business relationships. As well as anxiety at home and in the workplace. She assists with healing deep grief and overcoming feelings of being stuck towards reaching a goal.

Jo Lou also runs a successful software company, SilverWind. She coaches business teams on embracing the changes that come from introducing a new technology to the workforce.

Jo Lou is also an active single mom of a very busy high school son. She is a musician, avid hiker, and an optimistic backyard gardener.

More about Let Your Life Flow

Let Your Life Flow helps women tired of being angry, anxious, sad or stuck. She helps release high-intensity emotions and blocks using proven energy psychology techniques.

On the show, Jo Lou discussed a variety of techniques she uses. One is called PSYCH K. This helps identify subconscious beliefs, which your subconscious makes up to 99% of your day. Everybody thinks their conscious mind does. It doesn’t. It’s what’s in your subconscious. And you can have some hidden beliefs back there that you’re just smacking up against all the time. “I’m going to go do this. I set my goals, I have my strategies, my tactics, and I still can’t get there. What’s going on?”

Natalie Ceroni of Ceroni Law Firm, PLLC

Natalie Ceroni is an Arizona native, who graduated suma cum laude from ASU with a BS in Psychology. She attended Hofstra University School of Law in New York, where she graduated cum laude.

Natalie has been practicing exclusively family law since 2012. Natalie began her career with a well-respected boutique law firm in Arizona. She has been practicing with her husband in Scottsdale since 2014.

Natalie volunteers her time as a Superior Court Judge Pro Tempore. There she conducts court-appointed settlement conferences in family law cases. Natalie is dedicated to the pursuit of justice and fair, timely resolution of family disputes.

More about Ceroni Law Firm

Ceroni Law Firm is a boutique husband and wife law firm. The firm focuses exclusively on family law and domestic relations issues. Including, divorce, legal separation, custody, child support, spousal maintenance, paternity actions, grandparents’ visitation, domestic violence, and order of protection issues.

The firm is dedicated to client service, including responsiveness during what is typically a difficult time for clients. Ceroni Law Firm strives to provide cost-effectively, but thorough representation to its clients. The firm understands the complex emotional and financial considerations involved in family law cases. They work to achieve superior results to enable clients to move forward with a fresh start.

On the show, Natalie mentioned some insights into the divorce process. If you want to start thinking about it, you need to get your ducks in a row. One thing you’ll need to know for the divorce is what the assets are, what the picture looks like. Certainly, a lot of people come and they don’t know what the whole picture is and the steps of obtaining the first process. See what kind of debts are showing up on your list, figure out, do you have a retirement account, check your credit score if possible. What does that look like right now? Do you have money in savings? A potentially is an exit strategy if one that is needed.

Julie Jakubek with Allstate Insurance

Julie Jakubek, Allstate Agency Owner, is passionate about the community, giving back, and the clients she serves. She teaches the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Financial series, this empowers women to take control of their money instead of their money controlling them.

For the past 10 years, Julie has been on the board of the Arizona Council on Economic Education and is the current president of NAIFA Arizona. The Arizona Council Economic Education’s goal is to reach all school-age children in the state of Arizona through economic and personal literacy. The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is a non-profit organization in Arizona that represents approximately 400 licensed insurance agents for education, networking, legislation and ethics in our industry.

On the show, Julie mentioned the importance of insurance in different situations.

There are two types of insurances. One is a general liability and the other is workers’ comp. General liability means that if the tree falls on your house, then it is covered.

For example, make sure that everyone is a legitimate business and if you have someone coming over to your house like a tree trimmer, it would be a very good idea to verify that they have insurance. The other thing is workers’ comp, if somebody is over at your house and they get paid for what they do in the state of Arizona, they need to have a workers’ comp policy. If they don’t have one, then they get injured, they can sue you personally.

More about Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance is an award-winning agency specializing in helping individuals and businesses with risks they face through insurance products. They help with all types of insurance: auto, home, life, and commercial. Uniquely they look at insurance as a tool for an individual, family or business’ entire financial picture. Their agency has been in the Phoenix area for 24 years. Their office is on Thomas and 47th St, just south of Arcadia and is ready to help you with a roadmap for your future.

Contact Information:

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting. Host, Collaborative Connections E6

Julie Jakubek with Allstate Insurance.,, – FacebookLinked In

Natalie Ceroni with Ceroni Law Firm, PLLC., Natalie@ceronilawfirm.comFacebook

Jo Lou Spleth with Let Your Life Flow., jo@letyourlifeflow.comInstagramFacebookLinkedIn

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