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Collaborative Connections E9

In business, technology is a crucial part of everything we do, especially in the current climate. As we all shift and re-invent the way we do business, showing up digitally will be critical to success. During Collaborative Connections E9 we covered the cloud, IT solutions, websites, digital presence and more!

If you are a business owner check out this episode with host, Kelly Lorenzen. She spoke with Heather Locke, Don Bowen, and Marwan Halabi. They gave great insights into the IT world and provided great tips for success in business.

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This Month’s Collaborative Connections Special Guests

Marwan Halabi – CMIT Solutions of South Scottsdale

Marwan is the president and owner of CMIT Solutions of South Scottsdale. His passion for technology, innovation, and client relationship excellence have helped him excel at various roles throughout his 22-year career. He was ISO and Architect at Merrill Lynch, Solutions Architect for JP Morgan Chase Globally, and Senior Security Analyst at CA Technologies’ Cybersecurity division. Marwan is now passionate about delivering enterprise technology, IT sophistication, and true digital transformation to the SMB market.

CMIT Solutions is a company made of individuals that manage IT for thousands of businesses across North America. Their clients rely on them to select the best technology to meet their needs. But technology is only part of the equation. Service excellence, day in and day out, is what makes the difference for CMIT’s clients.

They offer IT and Cybersecurity solutions in the US that monitor and secure office computers, mobile devices, networks, and systems round-the-clock. CMIT Solutions respond quickly when users and devices in your network experience an issue. More importantly, they keep your entire IT system running efficiently and securely 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Don Bowen – SMS

Don Bowen’s business life starts with an early career at IBM with an exit and return to school after the sale of IBM’s Office Products Division.  He later landed at the cable television industry in business development which after several mergers and acquisitions eventually led to his current position as CEO of SMS.  Don is currently pursuing his passion to re-engineer SMS while also fulfilling his love of surfing with challenged kids and Wounded Warriors.

SMS is a small Arizona business with its legacy core as a supplier of video programming to small private cable TV companies and government institutions. Small cable TV enterprises that provide services to apartment complexes, hospitality, assisted living, colleges and correctional facilities have probably received their video programming through SMS or one of its Affiliates. In business since 1985, SMS has reinvented itself several times and as technology shifts and morphs, so does SMS. SMS is currently turning yet another corner as the delivery of video content undergoes a major sea change, stay tuned.

Quote – “Stuff happens and always will, its what you do about it is what counts”

Heather Locke – Hammersmith Support

Hammersmith Support a technology company

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Heather began her career as a web developer and quickly moved into a role of managing a team of programmers, designers, animators, and digital video producers for a wide variety of multimedia interactive corporate applications including marketing, communications and e-learning. From there, she worked as a project manager for Fortune 1000 companies, including Subway, Disney, HBO, and Target.

This expertise led her to found Hammersmith Support, a full-service web development company focused on helping clients of all sizes move through every phase of the process: site building, hosting, and maintenance. But most importantly, Hammersmith Support is built on a foundation of close relationships with clients. Heather seeks to know who you are, the challenges your company faces, and then use that knowledge to build a fresh, engaging, up-to-date website that reflects your organization’s core values and personality.

Heather’s design background, combined with her practical coding and server maintenance expertise, ensures clients receive the perfect combination of form and function: a contemporary, up-to-date look and user experience that is properly managed to ensure the site works smoothly and consistently.

Hammersmith Support is a certified woman-owned boutique technology company specializing in design, development, maintenance and hosting of custom designed WordPress websites. We bring together current design, practical coding expertise, and close client relationships in order to create sleek, up-to-date website and user experiences. We believe that keeping your site up-to-date is critical to success and provide monthly maintenance and support packages.

Quote – “The easiest way to do it is to just do it”

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Contact Information:

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting. Host Collaborative Connections E9 – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Marwan Halabi, President of CMIT Solutions of South Scottsdale.,, Facebook

Don Bowen, CEO of SMS Inc., smstv.comLinkedIn, Facebook

Heather Locke, Owner & Founder of Hammersmith Support., hammersmithsupport.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

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