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You Don’t Have to Eat Burnt Toast

As business owners, we think we need to know everything, do everything, and fix everything. This omniscient way of existing is flat-out false! Every business owner is built with different strengths and weaknesses. Choosing how you spend your time is key to your personal and entrepreneurial success! Just because you are a business owner, doesn’t mean you have to eat burnt toast. Here is what we mean…

Identify the Weight of Your Business

Everyone has that looming list of things that only get done after the office is in order, the inbox is all read, the kitchen is cleaned, the paperclips are in ROYGBIV order prioritizing size… Even if you ARE good at everything, not everything is fun to do! Whoever told you you have to do it all, LIED! The truth is, it is completely profitable and affordable to outsource what you don’t love it. You don’t have to eat burnt toast just because it’s there.

Identify What Your Burnt Toast Is

Write down a list of 3 things you wish you never had to do again for your business. Easy questions to ask yourself to identify these weights are:

“What have I been putting off?”

“What makes my joy for work die out when I think of doing it?”

“Of the things on my to-do list, what brings me the most anxiety on?”

After you have identified your burnt toast, let’s get to the solution!

Choose Not to Eat the Burnt Toast

Now that you have learned to identify the things you don’t love doing, find the right person to do the job in your place. The cringe and constant worry of, “but they won’t do it my way” is loud; we get that. What’s important is that you find the right person to do it the right way (not necessarily your way). Create the ease in your business that you are working so hard to obtain in the first place at a larger scale in your life. Choose what is best for you. Do what you love instead of dreading doing what you don’t enjoy.

Become the Best You

The best you does not eat burnt toast. You do not need to push through the draining parts of your business that bring you the least joy. Identify your strengths and release the rest to be done for you. This way you can step deeper into you, and bring to life the ideas and visions you set out to conquer when you first started your business.

Lastly, fuel the motivation that started it all. Find or revisit the “why”, the passion and desire to contribute to the world. Do what makes it all worth your effort and time. You can choose to be your best. In the end, you only do what you love when you outsource. In exchange, you have more energy, motivation, and passion to give to your company in ways only you know best.


If you’re looking for more inspiration for running your business check out our podcast! Our guests have shared some amazing success stories and how they came to realize, they don’t have to eat burnt toast!

If you need to outsource anything in your business, reach out to us. We can help you find the right person to help you.

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