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Changing The World, One Conversation At A Time

Changing the world one conversation at a time

Collaborative Connections E13

Want to find out what it takes to confront bullying? Discover how clean drinking water transforms lives and communities? Dig deeper to improve your mindset and overcome perfectionism. Learn simple ways you can make an impact? See how these women are changing the world? Then check out Collaborative Connections E13.

Our featured guests were fascinating, inspiring, and gave us chills the entire show. It was also amazing to hear all the incredible things they do for others.

Host, Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting, was joined on air by Kenyatta Turner, founder of Freedom Empire Consulting, Karianne Munstedt, photographer, speaker, and coach, and Kimberly Fogg, Founder/CEO of Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP).

For guaranteed goosebumps, listen to this impactful and inspiring conversation between 4 women entrepreneurs. Find out how they are changing the world!

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Our Featured Guests…

Karianne Munstedt, Photographer, Speaker, and Coach

Karianne Munstedt

Karianne Munstedt is an award-winning portrait photographer, speaker, coach and author. She is an artist and nurturer, fiercely motivated by using her talents to make women feel confident, empowered, and whole.

KM, Karianne Munstedt, 
changing the world radio show

Want to know the real reason women hate being in front of the camera? Perfectionism.

“I’ve worked with hundreds of women, and the story is almost always the same. My goal is to create a space in my photography studio where women feel loved, cherished, and accepted. I show them that they are beautiful and deserve to exist in photos just as they are.” ~Kari

Kimberly Fogg with Global Sustainable Partnerships

Kimberly Fogg

Kimberly is a social entrepreneur/impact leader. This incredible woman is an “Engager” and brings over twenty-five years of public-private sector experience. All this gave her specialized knowledge of cultivating/implementing partnerships, international field/country development, and understanding cultural nuances to navigate partnerships. She founded Global Sustainable Partnerships to provide access to clean water to families in Tanzania.

WPEC, Women's Program Engagement Council,
changing the world radio show

Female entrepreneurs would get the funding they need for their businesses and GSP would have a sustainable source of funding as well. We all need a hand up not a handout.

Women are amazing because they take what they have and reinvest in their own communities. My idea was to get investors to see women through a new lens. Moreover, I wanted them to be seen as viable business owners worthy of investments in America and overseas. – Kimberly

Kenyatta Turner with Freedom Empire Consulting, LLC

kenyatta turner

Kenyatta Turner, MM is a Behavioral SuperPowers Coach, Public Speaker, Motivational Educator, and is an Accredited Business DNA Consultant through DNA Behavior.  She founded Freedom Empire Consulting, LLC, where they Coach, Influence, and Protect. Kenyatta helps her clients build and shield their own Freedom Empires.

freedom empire consulting, coaching - influencing - protect
changing the world radio show

Did you know 87% of performance issues in life and business are due to behavior?

At the core of everything, I empower people, especially women. Determining your hard-wired behavioral style can help you go anywhere. That’s what I do with my business and that’s what I love. I love helping people see what they can do when they optimize their behaviors to get things done! – Kenyatta

Contact Information for our host and featured guests

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting. Host of Collaborative Connections E13 LinkedInFacebookInstagramYoutube

Karianne Munstedt, Photographer, Speaker, and Coach with Karianne Munstedt., kariannemunstedt.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Kimberly Fogg, Founder & CEO of Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP)., gspartnerships.orgLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Kenyatta Turner, Founder of Freedom Empire Consulting LLC., freedomempireconsulting.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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