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Collaborative Connections E22

Culture, business as a force for good, giving back, higher purpose, and small business were all topics in Collaborative Connections E22.

Host, Kelly Lorenzen, was joined on-air by Arizona business leaders, Bob Blum, founder of Alcyon Consulting, Kindra Maples with Conscious Capitalism Arizona, and Sara Kelley with Bell Insurance.

Are you a business owner or leader in Arizona? Need more resources to grow your business? Want to know more about how to use business as a force for good? Then check out this great conversation between Kelly and her featured guests.

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Bob Blum, with Alcyon Consulting

Bob Blum, doing good in arizona E22

Bob leverages over 35 years of extensive and varied experience, in both staff and leadership roles. He has helped companies build and maintain stable business operations by focusing on maximizing both financial and human assets. These roles include Principal and CFO for Peerless Candy & Tobacco Company, Senior HR Consultant for Peoples Energy Corporation, Controller for Ben Brooks & Associates, Controller for Incentive Logic, and most recently CFO for MAC6.

Alcyon Consulting can help you in two ways…Financial/ Business Operations Management and Business Consulting/ Advisory Services. With Alcyon’s financial and business operations support, you can shift the burden of managing and overseeing those necessary but non-revenue-generating activities. To a professional who has the passion, experience, and training to assess, manage and improve your company’s business infrastructure. Thus, freeing you to focus on generating revenue and building the business.

Kindra Maples, with Conscious Capitalism.

Kindra Maples, doing good in arizona E22

There is a lot in her background that has led Kindra to where she is today. Her past experiences, interactions, careers, and partnerships have led her to grow the roles she holds in the community. Including VP of Volunteers with Conscious Capitalism Arizona, Sales Development with YellowBird, and host of Culture Crush Business Podcast.

She is a spartan racer, past animal trainer, previous magician’s assistant, and has a weakness for Oreo cookie shakes. Her journey working with people started working with animals as a teenager. Don’t worry we won’t go that far back for her bio.

She worked for over 15 years in the zoo industry working with animals and the public. Her passion for working with animals shifted into working with people in education, operations, and leadership roles. From there her passion for leadership and helping people develop has continued to grow.

Her experience in non-profit operations, communications, and program engagement have brought her to the place she is today. Her experiences have built her passion and her “why” in areas of culture building, engagement, and growing strong teams.

Sara Kelley, with Bell Insurance

sara kelly, doing good in arizona E22

Sara Kelley has over 20 years of experience serving clients in a risk management capacity. She started her insurance career in Chicago, IL with the world’s largest insurance brokerage firm. Sara moved with them to the Phoenix market. Since then, Mrs. Kelley has developed her expertise to serve the businesses that thrive in the Valley of the Sun.

Bell Insurance is one of the largest independently owned, full-service agencies. They’ve worked in insurance for more than 100 years. Their unparalleled experience and expertise on policies are designed to serve you, your family, and your business. Bell is known for exceptional service and high integrity. They understand one of your biggest challenges is managing around the things you can’t control. They build an insurance plan based on what you need to address the unique risks your operation faces.

Contact Information

Kelly Lorenzen, CEO of KLM Consulting., klmconsultingandmarketing.comLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Bob Blum, Founder of Alcyon Consulting.

Kindra Maples, VP of Volunteers with Conscious Capitalism; Sales Developer with YellowBird., ccarizona.orgLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Sara Kelley, Commercial Insurance Producer with Bell Insurance., bell.insuranceLinkedIn

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